Your Personality Can Only Be ONE Of These Four Colors. Which Is It?

Your personality color

Hey Awakened Souls,

Today’s quiz is quite a fun one!

We all heard about the different types of personalities…

Introvert vs. Extrovert.

Idealist vs. Realist.

“If you want to know which one are you, keep reading”

In this quiz, we take personality traits to a whole new level by combining personalities and colors.

You see, every person’s personality fits into one of these basic colors: red, green, yellow and blue. Which colors does yours fit in compared to your personality?

Let’s Play to find out:


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So let me and the community know what color is your personality and let me know your thoughts on this quiz in the comment section.

Stay inspired, make things happen!

Awaken… the spirit that is within you…

Ignite … the fire that inspires you..

Align… with your hearts desires.

Susan E Brown


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