Understanding Your Totem Animal



What Is A Totem Animal?

A totem is an element of nature (which can be a plant or animal), which is perceived to have some particular relationship with a person.

The totem is not associated with a single member of a species, but with the whole species, i.e., the archetype rather than a specific manifestation of that archetype into an animal body.

A spirit guide can be anything created on earth. Animal totems or animal guides possess a unique sense of awareness and personalities.

Each animal totem has its’ own unique symbolic meaning and spiritual power.

In a psychic reading, animal totems play a powerful role. During a psychic reading, there are several ways to meet your animal totems.

Once you are in contact, you can learn the ways to access the energy of an animal spirit to guide and assist you. You may ask an animal guide to help you in many ways.

These are the animals that we can use for help in our everyday life.

There are 2 ways that they help.

  • One is that they just show up in your life
  • The other way is when we call a particular animal for the certain qualities.

First, they show up in your life

So what does that mean?

I will give you an example.

One day I was sitting on my porch.

Of course, thinking of many things and then this inchworm showed up right in front of me.


I started looking, watching the movement of this animal. I had realized that this was a message from spirit.

So I looked up on Google, inchworm totem animal.( I do this for most animals that show up in my life)

Here is what it said.

“Take careful note of what you are trying to create right now and make sure that the path is clear in front of you before moving ahead. Be clear of your purpose behind this, move forward and know that the transformation you are seeking is right for you. Just take it in smaller steps rather than one fell swoop. Progress is good at a much slower pace right now.”

This was such a profound message for me. So for me when there is an animal that just shows up. I always look it up to see what message spirit is trying to send me.

The other way you can use Animal totems is for the qualities that the animal has.

For me, I use the hawk quite often


The hawk spirit animal or totem has several attributes and meanings:

Hawk is the messenger of the spirit world

  • Use the power of focus
  • Take the lead when the time is right
  • Power to see, clear vision
  • Strong connection with spirit, increased spiritual awareness
  • You can use different animals for the quality they possess.

Have fun with it!

The attributes of the particular totem you choose will guide you in your life and choices.

Once you can recognize your totem, you can learn ways to access the energy of the animal spirit to guide and assist you. You may ask an animal guide to help you in many ways.

Learn as much about your animal totems as you can. What is their symbolic meaning, what are their characteristics?

Animal totems are like other spirit guides.

  • They may come briefly or stay with you for a long time.
  • They may guide you, show you a path or just be present during difficult times.
  • You can ask for strength and energy particular to an animal totem. You need to be patient if you do not quickly meet your totem, as they will come to you.

Here is a brief view of animal totems or animal spirit guides and what they may symbolize.

You can find other meanings for the animals depending on culture, view, and philosophy.

Common animal archetypes include the wolf (teacher or guide), crane (good fortune and long life), crow (spiritual strength, creation, opportunity), dog (unconditional love), eagle (messenger, far vision), fox (cleverness and subtle change), heron (dynamic balance), lion (fearlessness), monkey (ability to see what is hidden), owl (wisdom), snake (rebirth, see without being seen), horse (power by movement), swan (serenity), dove (peace, compassion).

Your animal totems can be serving as a powerful and guiding force in your life.

Get in touch with some form of psychic reading. Learn as much as you can about them. Study the elements associated with them (fire, water, air, earth).

The animal guides are here with us to help us and guide us!

Just be open and aware. When an animal comes across your path, Google totem animals meaning, See if you align with it

Stay inspired, make things happen,
Awaken… the spirit that is within you…
Ignite … the fire that inspires you..
Align… with your hearts desires.
Susan E Brown

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