Unleashing Your Personal Power

Design Your Ultimate life

Ready to get to be back in the drivers’ seat of your life

Take your personal life and career to the next level .

Gain more clarity, find inner peace and joy

  • Enjoy a more abundant life .
  • Take your personal life and career to the next level
  • Live a life of peace and balance
  • To reconnect to joys that have been lost in turn being more effective in your professional and personal life
  • Find a place of peace in their busy daily world

Release old belief patterns that are standing between you and the life you want to live

Transform your life into a more meaningful life .

Gain clarity, greater vitality with intentions will bring in a new awareness to connecting with your mind body soul experience

Receive Tools to empower you in your everyday life.

Have a profound shift in your personal and professional life,

Opened to new possibilities.

Take your personal life and career to the next level

 Design your Ultimate Life

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I’ve been on the spiritual journey for over a decade and have been bumping my head up against the wall with particular challenges.  Though her perceptions are literally out of this world and highly accurate – she has a great down to earth and practical way of working. I feel totally safe working with her and sharing the inner stuff that has been so challenging as I know it’s getting transformed with Susan’s guidance. 
Susan has been mentor and friend during this journey.” Royetta 
 If you are ready to

TRANSFORM your life.

T Trust, the process

R. Releasing blocks

A Acknowledgment

N New found meaning to life

S Self-development

F Focus and direction

O Opportunities

R  Re-connect with what brings you joy

M Manifesting your life

This is what you can expect…


 Realigning your energy

An energetic realignment is about releasing behaviors and thoughts which no longer serve you.  Through this, you will experience more peace, balance, and harmony.

·       Release energies that no longer serve you as you awaken your mind, body, and soul.

·       Become more grounded so you can make more informed decisions.

·       Boost your personal presence thus becoming more confident and comfortable in any situation.

Clearing a path 

Unblocking your energy leads to greater clarity and creativity.  Opening channels to new ideas empowers you to turn down the noise and uncover a new way of thinking.

·       Break free from what is holding you back

·       Discover your true power and potential

·       Gain ability to protect your energy field

Releasing and renewing

Release what’s holding you back and align with your heart’s desires.   This process allows you manifest a new reality in your everyday life.

·       Clear energy on a deeper soul level

·       Release unknown belief patterns

·       Gain greater vitality and intention as you bring new ideas to your mind, body, and soul

Connecting to your inner guidance

Boost your creativity cultivating intentional solutions.  Gain energy, inspiration, and self-love to connect with abundance.

·       Align with your higher self and guides

·       Unleash answers to life’s questions

·       Awaken your true soul’s purpose

Please join me in this transformational process

 I am passionate about this work and have a commitment to growth and understanding.

I hope you will invite me to be a step on your life’s path.

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