Rituals To Bring Inner Peace Back Into Your Life



When peace appears, stress, anxiety, worries, fear, mental and emotional restlessness, nervousness and impatience disappear.

It is a state of inner calmness, tranquility, and serenity, which brings forth happiness, tolerance, inner poise, spiritual balance, and self-control.

If you truly want peace and happiness,

You will not allow other peoples negative comments, opinions, and behaviors to destroy your joy.

Just remind yourself that you can remain in peace no matter what is happening around you as that is where you deserve to be.

Nothing can disturb your peace without your permission so choose not to give in to petty arguments or misperceptions when others are venting their pain as it has nothing to do with you, even though you might be on the receiving end of it.

Value yourself enough to keep your focus on your own peace of mind.

Having peace of mind will enable you to manifest calmness and tranquility in your daily life, and also in difficult and trying circumstances.

It will allow you to display emotional and mental detachment whenever needed, and therefore avoid being too affected by other people’s words, feelings and behavior.

It will also enable you to control your reactions and become a patient, happy, tolerant and open-minded human being.

Meditation Brings Peace

Meditation is one way to cross from fear and fighting to peace and serenity inside of your own heart and mind.

Meditation allows you to be very still in the body while allowing your mind to feel a release of worry, anxiety or stress.

If you are unsure of how to meditate with the purpose of achieving peace, merely start by sitting still in a quiet environment and breathing.

Years ago I had a spiritual teacher, and she said to me meditate, meditate, meditate. At that time I had no idea really how important meditation was. In simple terms meditation is the time when you can clear your mind, spend time without a lot of thoughts. I feel it also is a time when you connect to spirit.

Also as a side note to what my teacher said: “trying is not doing”.


Meditation can be a lot of things and here are a few things to get you started on the path of meditation.

When you are just getting started with meditation, you will find that there are a lot of good places for meditating. Some people find outdoor locations like deserted beaches, or quiet, scenic locations to be great for meditating. The key to finding a good spot is to find a place that is quiet, clean, comfortable and peaceful.

Ensure you choose a meditation area that is free of distraction. That might mean you have to let others in your household know that you have set aside time for meditation and that you don’t want to be disturbed.

One thing you can do to make meditation truly special is to schedule your daily meditation time every day like you would an important meeting or a much-anticipated shopping trip.



While you are meditating, you want to make sure that you are breathing deeply from the bottom of your belly. Gradually as you take in deep breaths, you should try to clear your mind of all worries and thoughts and let your conscious thoughts go where they want. Don’t think about them, or worry, or try to figure anything out.

It can be helpful if you learn to meditate during the same time every day. For people who find it hard to clear their mind, soft, meditative music helps to clear the mind and prepare it for meditative concentration. You want anything in your musical and physical environment that will make you think of serenity.

Breathing exercise

Breathe in for a few seconds, breathe out, breathe in again for another few seconds and repeat the process three times.

This will bring you more into the moment.

I have also used this exercise when I have felt stress or even when I need just to concentrate and figure something out, and it works for me.

After you do this, notice how you feel and what your thoughts are afterward, and then try to jot them down.

Questions you can ask yourself; any changes in how I feel?

Any new ideas that popped up? And do I feel more engaged in life at this time?



Remember, your happiness and peace of mind is of the utmost importance so place them as a top priority in your life!


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