I have been working with Susan on and off for 3 years now. She seems to always know what I need at the time. She really knows the right way to work with my energy and how it needs to be tuned in at that time. It has helped me immensely through this journey I have been on of getting better over the past 3 years. I’m so glad I found her and definitely recommend her. She is a wonderful person to work with.    Jessica Black

I love working with Susan Brown. She helps me raise my vibrational energy and increase my intuition. During my last session with her, we connected with my guides and did a meditation about letting go. It was very powerful and freeing. I have been better able to speak my truth to others. I have also taken boxes of unneeded items out of my house. I’ve even had the energy to clean more! The best part is that my animal communication skills are increasing rapidly. I am connecting more easily, and animals are telling me more than they ever have before! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a blessing. ?Paula Rowe                              

I have had 2 sessions with Susan so far and can say that she is changing my world. I am new to energy work and Susan makes me feel comfortable with her explanations of the work and allows me to go at my own pace. She is an amazing guide in my journey to be more connected to the world around me and she is a gifted healer. Her energy exudes peace and compassion. I have just scratched the surface with the work I will be doing with Susan and I am confident I will be growing in more ways than I can imagine Connie Fazio

I had the honor to do Session with Susan and oh my goodness! Susan knowledge in the field of auras, energy clearing, and chakra alignments is superb and I already booked my next session with her. I highly recommend Susan’s services to anyone who’s feeling out of alignment, sluggish or lethargic. When energy gets stored in a negative way it leads to those feelings. Get your clearing session today and feel refreshed, aligned and rejuvenated. Zane Baker – Crystal and Energy Healer

I have done many sessions with Susan and it was a game changer for me. I have been blessed to have her in my life as a mentor and friend. My gratitude for Susan is so full in my heart, I love her! She truly cares about the wellbeing and healing of everyone and helps me to find the answers for myself. I was skeptical about remote sessions, but it was just as powerful as in person and my doubts are gone. I totally recommend her. Melissa

Susan Brown is a brilliant healer who is gifted in many art forms and draws wisdom from many teachings and life experiences. She can cut the relationship cords you’ve created to people, places, and things so they are no longer disharmonizing your spirit, allowing you to create anew. She can help connect you to your spirit guides with her soothing orations and facilitate a conversation between you and them (or you and you) Book a session with her ASAP!! Omni Sean

I’ve been on the spiritual journey for over a decade and have been bumping my head up against the wall with particular challenges. Though her perceptions are literally out of this world and highly accurate – she has a great down to earth and practical way of working. I feel totally safe working with her and sharing the inner stuff that has been so challenging as I know it’s getting transformed with Susan’s guidance.
Susan has been mentor and friend during this journey. Royetta Renee

I have known Susan and worked with her personally and as a co-facilitator for healing retreats and workshops. Her ability to tune into a person’s personal energy field, heart space, and needs is astute and powerful. I have benefited from her counsel and clearings. I am blessed to know her and be able to share work with her as a fellow healer. Her kind heart, open mind, natural leadership skills, and generous spirit are a gift to the planet. Hope Gold

Hope you have found this informative. If you are ready to set up a time to start your journey. Click below to set up a Complimentary Transformational Session with me.

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