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Spiritual Energy can be seen as life’s force that binds the soul to the body.

Spiritual energy is described by different names in different cultures, which we can call the energy work grouping.

Psychic: This is the representation of the Awareness of Life.

Spiritual: This is the representation of life’s direction

Chi: This is the representation the Spark of Life.

Jing: The Cauldron of Life is represented here.

Prana: It represents what is called the Life sustaining force

Emotional: The emotional is a representative of the feeling of Life.

Potential: The Fuel of Life is represented here.

Field/Subtle: This is the representation of the Interconnections of Life


Today, we would be discussing what is called ‘Spiritual Energy,’ and I want us to travel together, as we open our minds to the existence of Spiritual Energy.

I want you to pay attention, as this is a channeled message, which was received using a Spiritual practice called “Meditation”.

Some are given to me when I meditate for me while the others, as led by the spirit, are for me to share with you.

Therefore, walk with me as I share this message on the transformations through Spiritual Energy.

To me, there is nothing that exists that isn’t energy, hence, as you read through,

I would love you to connect to the Spiritual Energy, as the product of receiving Spiritual energy varies with enlightenment and different forms of the healing energy of the body, mind, and soul.

It is activating the “Chi” in you to allow the “Prana” flow freely throughout your body and open you to the new universal code (More about that to come).

I want you to read the words, but be conscious of the Energy in you and let it flow through you as you meditate on these words.

They are infused with healings and messages, which are triggered by connecting to this energy to help redirect your thoughts and activate your Sub-consciousness.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly and easily you can achieve this when you are centered in your spiritual selves and allow the energy to flow freely?


Conversion with the Spirit

Now is the time for a new beginning

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the energy in it?

Every shift and energy in the world is opened up for new vibrations to come through.

When there is a free flow of energy, everything around you feels better. It will bring a new way to see, feel, to hear the world as it is our only chance of taking charge of the world you would like to be in.

Take the challenge. The guides and ascending masters and angels are standing by to help you. Ask, and you will receive. It is by divine law.

Every day is a new day for an energized state.

It is your choice on how to go about it. Imagine how amazing your life would be.

Anybody can tap into this Spiritual Energy and receive the many benefits of pure love. An open heart and the willingness to accept are necessary to explore and tap into this energy. All you need is asking from your heart, and all the possibilities are endless.

Now is the time for you to take a moment after reading this paragraph and follow the ritual below as I lead you through a journey of experiencing the beauty and experience of a Spiritual Energized state. After you read the passage below, grab a journal and write down what you received. It can come in different forms; it might be in the way of a feeling, colors, smell or a message for you. Whatever gain you get is perfect for you.



  • Close your eyes
  • Let your mind be in a relaxed state
  • Breathe deep and ask for your guides to come in, feel their love and let that pure energy fill up your body.
  • Allow the light to fill your heart and your mind will become an energized state. It is at this point you can do anything you want.
  • Bringing your heart, the desires you have always wanted, the love, and all other magical things that are possible.
  • Now reflect on all the things you are grateful for in your life. Think of as many things as you can and notice how you feel.
  • Become aware of a Spiritual energy connection in your body.
  • Thank your guides and go and enjoy your day as a spiritually energized being. Your world is filled with love, excitement, and gifts. Imagine how many beautiful things you will attract into your life from this newly energized state you are.
  • This is a new path for you to choose. Choose the way that brings you peace, love, and happiness.
  • Enjoy, we love you.

Your Guides, Guardians, and Angels.

Ready to live your life to the fullest potential.


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Susan E Brown
Transformational Life Coach 
Cell 207 513-2353
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Hi, I am Susan and I am a Spiritual Life Coach! I share with individuals ways to clear obstacles, protect themselves and connect with Spirit so they can align with their soul purpose. People feel inner peace. balance in all areas in their life. when they connect to spirit and co-create their lives. Most importantly I show people how to use very simple tools that will bring them into alignment in their everyday lives and ways to connect with spirit. Let’s have a conversation to find out what’s better for you by scheduling your Complimentary 30 minute session