How to Really Manifest the Life You Want

How to Really Manifest the Life You Want

Manifesting the things you want and need in life is not difficult.

You only need to educate yourself and take consistent action towards what you want.

Here I will talk about what manifesting means and the necessary steps to implement it into your life.

So what is Manifesting?

Let's manifestManifesting is intentionally creating what you want.

Manifesting is getting the experience of what you want to feel, trusting and living in the knowledge and then letting that experience come into form.

The truth is that the power to manifest lies within you. Everyone can manifest anything they desire – wealth, optimum health, love, houses, cars, peace of mind. Manifesting all starts within your mind.

It is impossible to manifest the life you desire if you’re constantly telling yourself it will never happen.

Any transformation you want to create in life starts with your decisions and determination to keep going when the going gets tough to manifest what you want into reality.

Over time, people have always asked me how I have become so good at manifesting. I sincerely believed that if I set my intention and let go anything I want is possible and new opportunities in my current life started to change.

Here are 5 steps to manifest what you want in life



Learning to let go of perfection with the manifesting process can be one of the most freeing and liberating experiences you will have. It also creates space for new things.

Let the spirit create something even better than you can imagine. The Spirit works amazingly.


…Words have power….

Be diligent and determined when it comes to changing your thoughts. Realize the power they hold over your future, your dreams and your life.

When you realize that your thoughts predict your future outcomes, you’ll begin to know how negative thoughts in the past have resulted in your current state.

Get rid of words that have negative frequencies. Negative language brings in negative energies. In fact, take the word “cant” entirely out of your vocabulary.

Start being conscious of words you use. Always speak positive and watch positive things happen.


Be aware of environmental influences. We impact each other in obvious and subtle ways. Negative minded people can bring you down and affect your results.

Look at your relationships. Is there a balance of energy? Is there a person taking more energy than giving?  Surround yourself with a support team and positive minded people who can help you deliver on your potential and watch how you manifest.


Manifesting powersYou realize that money is essential, but not more important than your health. A continuing state of health in the pink is a state of freedom that is immeasurable to anything else you would want to experience in your life.

If you are intent on losing weight as part of regaining your health, define how much weight you want to lose and the time frame. If you are looking to repair your general health, define the goal you are looking for.

Food is important to human and what you consume plays a vital role in how healthy and balanced you would be health wise.. Get rid of food that is harmful to your system. Eat consciously.

Why would we want to want to eat consciously?

The food you consume is going into in your body to feed your soul, your mind, and heart.

Food is essential to human and what you consume plays a vital role in how balanced you would be physically and mentally.


Over and over again I hear people saying that they tried to manifest something and still haven’t received it yet.

When we set intentions and then think that establishing a plan will be enough, it sometimes is not enough. It is the process of letting go.

It’s a hard lesson to learn. But I promise you if you follow the steps for manifesting and let it go. Then let spirit take care of it. Soon you will start seeing your ideas manifest into your daily life.

let positivity comes to youFill yourself with positive emotions. Fill every cell with love, happiness, joy, peace… and let that light, bright energy radiate outward to attract what you want.

The more you embrace positive emotions, the higher and more powerful your vibe will be.

Now go on and Manifest!


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Awaken… your spirit that is within you
Ignite … the fire that inspires you
Align… with your hearts desires

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Transformational Life Coach

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