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If we want to manifest our ideal reality, we must be willing to take total responsibility for every thought we think, and for every action, we take in the world.

By taking responsibility for the things we manifest, we no longer feel the need to give our power away to others.

The Shift also helps us to re-claiming their personal power. A remarkable realization of the inner power we possess emerges when we understand that true power is about personal responsibility.

It all starts before you even get out of bed; I guess that’s where the old saying comes from getting out of bed on the right side.

It all starts before you even get up to rise and put your feet on the floor.

It’s your mindset at the same time. Even before you open up your eyes you might be thinking that; I don’t even know how I feel at that time,

I don’t know how my day is going to go, I don’t know if I would get what I desire today or if today would be any better.

It is important even though all of these might try to cross your mind, but endeavor to start your day with positive thoughts.

I would like to share with you three simple things tools or rituals that you can use to start and transform your day.

3 Tools to start off your day

To start off your day, you could do this before getting up from the bed either with your eyes closed or your eyes open whichever is comfortable for you.

Start off with positive affirmations.

For instance, you are saying your affirmations,

“My life operates smoothly, easily and joyously.”

You say this affirmation even though things might not be going on in your life the way you want, and you might think in your mind ”

But my life doesn’t operate smoothly, easily and joyously!” This is where you have to be positive and do not allow your mind be flooded with negative thoughts.

You need to visualize how you would like your day to go.

Think about how you want it, visualize it, clip out pictures you like, get to know what it’s like to have or experience what it is that you want. Remember to stay conscious of your feelings, breathe deeply, and refocus your energy against any resistance. This way, your energy will quickly draw your desires into your life.


Having gratitude is a significant shift changer!

Sometimes you might feel it is not impossible to be grateful for anything.

Seeing all the situations happening in your life and how you have not gotten that thing you desire.It could be in your relationship, the dream house you want, that job you applied for, and you were turned down.

Instead of looking at what is not working, you need to start looking at what is working and be grateful for that.

Focus on what’s right about you or other people, instead of what’s wrong. See what’s working in your life rather than what’s messed up.

Look into the good qualities of your job, relationship, career, family and children and write them down.

The more you focus on being grateful, the more awareness you get on other situations and the easier your life gets. Being grateful brings you to the heart center too.

By being grateful, you will start to live a fulfilling life, and you can start living the life you want.

3 Minutes exercise before you start your day


To start this, it doesn’t need to take a long time it could take just three minutes.

First-minute affirmations

Second-minute visualization

Third-minute gratitude for things in your life

Then afterward, you can jump out of bed and enjoy a new and beautiful day. Put those feet to the ground and enjoy. It takes 21 days to form a habit, but I am sure you are going to see a difference before then.

To take it a little early if you want, at night write down those things that are shifted in your life after practicing these three minutes ritual.

Write your dreams down on paper to give them concrete form and power what you want, and this gives your subconscious a clear signal for what to attract.

Shift your day and watch how the rest of your life get a big boost and you’ll find that you are effortlessly getting necessary tasks accomplished!

Every Morning this is one of my rituals. Would love to hear your experiences and how it has changed your life. This is simple and easy to share with someone you know.Takes only 3 Minutes:):):)


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