Here’s The One Key to Manifesting What You Desire


Letting go is one of the biggest lessons on manifesting.

When you want something, the advice to ‘let go’ seems crazy.

When you look more closely, it becomes clear that holding on can destroy the very things you want.

Letting go has been one of the biggest lessons that I have learned.

The truth is I’m still learning to let go. It’s an ongoing process. Just like being healed. We are never healed.


It’s a journey, not a place you get to. Another time I will talk to you about that.
I would like to share some of my lessons of letting go.

I will get to the point fast. These are some silly and straightforward lessons that I have learned with letting go. The important part is to be able to see it in your life. Hopefully, learn from some of my experiences.

So you can move faster in life than I have. That is the reason I am writing you this. As a spiritual mentor of many years to share my knowledge and not take as long as I did learning.

Your ability to let go of what you want is an essential aspect of achieving success

. It may seem contradictory to the process of manifesting what you want. Naturally, you do want that thing and the idea of pretending that you do not want it may not make sense.

However to let go of what you want you to have to understand the principle of wanting and how it interferes truly having what you desire.

When you want to attract something in your life you are generally in a state of lack.

We’ve all at one time experienced where we wanted something so badly that we could taste it, feel it, or hear it.

You know what I’m talking about. It could be the girl of your dreams, the car of your dreams or just that dream job you’ve always wanted. One thing is for sure, we all have been.

So letting go, it means to let go really. You might think you let it go, but you haven’t.

One of my last lessons was that I wanted to advertise on Facebook. I messaged Facebook many times. This process took about two months. Asking friends, posting questions and on and on. Until one morning I said I don’t need Facebook advertising. I will use YouTube.

Then I said I give up. I’m letting it go. By the afternoon I was accepted on Facebook advertising. Really. Again I just needed to let it go. Sometimes I think the spirit is laughing at me. Because I am still learning this lesson.

Next, I was driving home from Florida to North Carolina I am on Rt 26 that is a very long road but with many exits. I was craving a Starbucks coffee.

Yes, a Starbucks coffee. So I was thinking and feeling and imagining drinking one. You are probably saying this is what you’re manifesting. So I drove 120 miles and not seeing one Starbucks sign. Because I didn’t let it go.

Then I thought I would really like a brick oven pizza and salad. This time I let it go. Driving down the highway, I saw this little sign in the middle of the road. Brick oven pizza. Took to exits and there it was Pizza salad and coffee:)I realize this is very simple. But it is all simple. . If we take all our small experiences, they change our life in a big way.

Letting go of one’s expectations is the key. This is not to be confused with not taking action. You take the right action, such as setting up your dream board, engage in daily visualization, say your affirmations, meditate, and pray, whatever it takes to keep you in that positive frame of mind.

But, you must also let go of the attachment to the expected outcome, because other miracles might manifest on your journey to achieving your goal, which you might not notice since you are so obsessed with that particular goal, and your limited perception of its outcome.

Release all limitations, letting go of ways that may limit you from getting what you desire. Be open to your soul’s unlimited capacity, allowing your soul to reveal to you many new and wondrous experiences as you now regularly manifest your creativity.

So, take a deep breath, relax, and practice letting go of your expectations so that you will accelerate the manifestation of your goal or vision, or something even better.


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Stay inspired, make things happen,
Awaken… the spirit that is within you…
Ignite … the fire that inspires you..
Align… with your hearts desires.

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Transformational Life Coach 
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Thank you for taking your time to read this. Again this is one of the most powerful lessons that I have learned so far.


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