Daily Practices to Manifest a Better Reality

Daily Practices to Manifest a Better Reality

The key to manifesting our life lies in our feelings, words, thoughts, and actions.

When we learn to align our thoughts and intentions with our desires, we can manifest in every way possible.

I would share with you some essential guides to lead you before you start your daily practice for manifesting.

Here are the Key guides to manifesting

magical manifestation First, you need to get ready to manifest by establishing a daily practice, create a sacred space for your practice, and commit to following through daily with your routine.

Also, important is to note that before you begin your daily practices for manifesting, ensure you calm your mind by taking in deep breathes. Your mind needs to be in a state of perfect peace, so you don’t get distracted during your practice. When thoughts come into your head, let them pass without judging them.

Finally, you need to visualize what exactly you want, each day picture in your mind what you want to get through the day’s practice for manifesting. Always set your intention for the day, and remember to add a positive affirmation to your visualization. Be conscious of smells, tastes, sounds, feelings. Always think positive thoughts and let the negative ones slip away.

So many people Have been asking me lately what practices I do every day to manifest.

There is an ideal way I like to start off my day, and this is by following through with my daily practices of manifesting.

These everyday methods can be incorporated into your routine so that manifesting just becomes second nature.

The effectiveness of manifesting lies in daily practices.

If you do it only on a few occasions, you might not get much benefit from it. However, the more you practice this technique on a daily basis, the more powerful it gets. And guess what, your desires and wants begin to manifest even faster, the more you practice it. So please, do not take this procedure lightly.


Take that thing that you want to manifest in your life. Write it down as though it has already happened


Feel it as though it is already yours. (17 seconds)

See it as if you are already living it. (17 seconds)

Hear it as if this is your life, now. (17 seconds)

Experience it as though you own this – it’s yours.

Play movies in your mind of having achieved this thing.

When you have doubts, realize they are simply a manifestation of fear. They are meaningless; so cast them aside as you would a piece of trash.

Believe it.. See it. Feel it. Experience it. LIVE IT. Be it.

Believe it and you shall receive itBe grateful you have it, and then you will have it.

“But Susan, it can’t be that easy.”

In the beginning, those doubts will assail you so hard and fast; it will be like trying to keep your head above water in a raging flood. But cast your worries aside, Change your belief and the world around you will change.

You’ve got to be vigilant. Have the belief that you can change your life

Start this technique in the morning or at night. Whatever works for you? Then let it go…

I promise you, the more you do this, the stronger your belief muscles will become.

You might want to start with something small at first, just to prove to yourself that this works.

Then aim for something bigger, and then something bigger still.

My friend, I have just given you magic. It is up to you what you do with this magic.

the magic of manifestation

You have to be patient with yourself.

Notice any signs or changes within you during or after this practice of manifesting, it could be feeling sensations in your body, feeling of peace and relaxation.

One last thing and this is important: Each time you are manifesting the something that you want when you’re done, you’ve got to let it go.

Don’t get attached to the process of how this thing is going to manifest. You might think it will happen one way, but then it happens unexpectedly. That is the exciting part.

I always believe spirit can bring in something more than we can imagine.

As long as you let go of the process and allow it unfold naturally, you won’t block the energy that is trying to send this thing to you.

So live it, and then let it go.

Rinse and repeat.

And I promise you will manifest the life that you want.


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Awaken… your spirit that is within you
Ignite … the fire that inspires you
Align… with your hearts desires

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