Are You An Empathic Person?



Do you get affected by other people’s moods?

Do you know what someone is feeling without them telling you?

Are you sensitive?

Do you meet someone and your mood changes?

These are some of the signs that you might be empathic.

In this blog, I’m going to explain how it feels to be empathic, what to look for and how to notice it when it is happening to you.

Earlier in my life, I had a lot of mood swings. People would say I was sensitive. Not until later in my life did I hear the word Empathic.

That was a great day. I could finally understand why I have always felt so sensitive to others peoples emotions. My life and emotions were like being on a roller coaster. Here are some examples in my life when being emphatic has affected me.

I use to own a restaurant, and when I walked into the restaurant, I felt these emotions coming at me. I knew they weren’t my emotions but weren’t sure what they were; it turns out I was feeling the emotions of the customers in the restaurant.

Once I understood what was going on, being empathic helped me to know where people were coming from by genuinely following their emotions.

Also, whenever my daughter would feel upset, I would suddenly feel just as confused as she was and I wouldn’t know why. It was not always the easiest, but it helped me understand where she was coming from on a deeper level.

One time I was just driving down the road and I started crying, I had no idea why. Then I called a close friend of mine and found out she had been agitated and that I was feeling her emotions.

Being emphatic has helped me as a healer.

Empathic people can understand another’s emotions and feelings, much deeper than if you were to just talk to the person. You truly can walk in their shoes and experience some else’s feelings

Most people don’t know they are empathic.

The level of strengths of being empathic is related to your awareness and understanding the powers of empathy.

Becoming more aware of your empathic abilities can help you connect with others on a deeper level and feel compassion and empathy for them.

You can gain a better understanding of what others around you are feeling and can also start to recognize when you are feeling someone else’s feelings or when they are your own, which helps you strengthen your relationship with yourself and emotions.

Do you also experience these signs?

You meet someone and your mood changes,

Feel frustrated when you call a friend and find out they are.

Did you ever start crying even when you’re not sad?

Have you been described as companionate, sensitive, considerate or understanding?

Let’s try to bring your awareness of your empathic abilities up a notch:

  1.  Start a journal
  2.  Notice your mood when you get up
  3.  Be acutely aware and observant of any changes throughout the day
  4.  Watch your interactions with people
  5.  Check to see if it is your mood or others
  6. Play with it and enjoy!

I would love to hear from you on what you have noticed.

Please share in the comment field below to helps other to open the awareness that they are empathic also. So their lives can be enriched as well as yours


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