1 Powerful Way You Can Protect Your Energy



First of all, it is important to know what it means to protect your energy.

When you have done something that is good, you will be able to feel both the joy and happiness.

Protecting your energy pushes aside your worries, problems, negative emotions and frustrations as well as other things that stress you out.

Fill your spirit with happiness, hope, joy, compassion, and faith so that you will be able to do things in a more constructive and positive manner.

Let go of your worries! Stop blaming yourself, or others, over something that might have gone wrong in the past.

Always seek the higher and more profound knowledge as well as wisdom through prayers and meditation.

This way, your inner core will be strengthened with repetitive prayers because your thoughts and the words you speak out will become congruent and whole.

Be kind to your psychic enemies. Deal with them with a lot of love and compassion so that you generate enough positive energy within you and your environment to defend against any negative energy.

This will help form a long-lasting effect on yourself mentally and physically as you carry actions with thoughts of love.

The moment you start caring, your soul gets elevated to a higher realm. You will be given more strength when you start caring about others. Your spiritual body becomes brighter just like a holy light as you are being brought to the positive side of the universe.

As we all know, staying on the brighter side is much better than staying on the dark side.

When you have developed positive thoughts, you will become a more giving, self-controlled, loving, peaceful and selfless person.


Meditate and repeat the prayer until its meaning soaks into you. You will find them very soothing in times of fear or stress.

Learn the discipline to look upon anyone with appreciation. This will help you to concentrate on the positive side of things in the whole universe.

It is essential that you stay positive at all times. The positive attitudes will form your most effective line of defense against negative energies.



Why is it essential to protect your energy?

Though many spiritual seekers have agreed that there is only one ultimate power in the universe and that power is infinitely good, there still exist daily struggles of blocking negative energy–energy that may be felt by other people, it could be spending time in places where there have been arguments, or even just watching the news.

Years ago I had a restaurant, and I was very intuitive.

Every time I went to the restaurant, I would know how everybody was feeling, their thoughts, who they were mad at or if they were just having a bad day,

It was very hard then to focus on the restaurant and what I needed to do. Their thoughts and negative energies affected me until somebody passed along this prayer.

There is a power for blocking negative energy that all everyone has, and though there are numerous ways to do it,

I want to show you a way to protect and clear yourself with the power of one of the most well-known and well-loved of all the angels, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael helps in clearing the effects of negativity from our energy fields, and shielding and protecting us from negative energy.

Before I entered the restaurant, I would say this prayer and was able to go in and just do my job. It worked great. So I am passing it along to you.

Archangel Michael Clearing

I invoke Archangel Michael with the fifth dimension tube of light

Michael, please place this tube of light around me,

In this lifetime and all lifetimes,

All planetary systems and all solar systems,

All alternate realities and all parallel realities,

All alternate universes and all parallel universes,

As well as all source systems in this time and all times.

Michael use your sword of light to clear me of all foreign energies,

All forms of thought, and being and when I am clear

Escort these energies into the tube of light,

Close my aura to the influence of all beings

Except for my higher self my guides and guardians,

So be it, and so it is

I have taken this up another level.

When I go to sleep at night, I also say this prayer and I sleep better and don’t have any nightmare.

Feel free to use it or change it any way you feel it suits you better.


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