Simple Tools To Clear Your Own Energy


Clearing your energy

Clearing out your energy field on a regular basis indeed makes a difference to your health, thoughts, and daily life.

Negative energy, tangles in your aura and cords between you and others thereby becoming a drain on your energy flow.

Your interaction with others intensifies, and therefore you become more susceptible to negative energy.

It is imperative that you free yourselves from negative thoughts, and emotions, this way you become proficient in clearing your energy of the garbage you can pick up.

I am going to be talking about some basic cleansing tools to maintain a healthy energy field.


The challenge for each of us is to know that we have the power to overcome negative energy; we can unlock the effects of negative energy by absorbing the spiritual, positive, loving energy that is all around us.

When we unlock our own negative energy, freeing ourselves from its effects, we begin to affect other energies, other people, around us in a positive way.

People often report a sense of calm, a lasting calm, after receiving a spiritual, energy healing.

While they might still express things or feel things somewhat negatively at times, they find themselves able to come back to their center of calmness more quickly and easily over time.


Have you ever walked into a room and felt something you could put your finger on when you just didn’t feel quite right and now you feel fine.

That is other people’s energies and thoughts so when you come in contact with, then you end up feeling their emotions their thoughts and they’re sending out.

Sometimes we’re not even aware of all these energies penetrate into our own, and we’re not able to keep them separate, this sometimes happens when we’re not even in the room.

The first time I became aware of someone else’s energy was when I had met someone, her name was Carol.

She and I became really good friends. One day I was driving, and all of a sudden I felt very sad and I knew I wasn’t sad. Then I happen to call my friend, and she had a rough time. We were so connected that I could sense her energy.

You might be able to resonate with this if you’ve noticed that your friend or family member is not feeling right. This is where you are connecting with their energy. That is why it’s so important to clear your energy.

You can quickly and easily heal your aura, clear out your energy and anything negative that’s hanging around, strengthen it and even choose the color you want to give off.

Talk about something that’s exciting, positive, empowering! It’s wonderful to know that you really can control your energy, clear it and use it to your benefit rather than being at the mercy of it.

This exercise focuses on clearing, healing and protecting your energy field.

Once you get used to clearing your energy, all you need to do is spend some time say five minutes (or more if you’d like) in the morning and/or evening doing this meditation exercise. In the beginning, you might want to do it for about Ten minutes or so until you get into a relaxed state and connecting with your energy field becomes easier.

It is natural to have many thoughts go through your mind, and trying to shut this off creates more stress we don’t want in our lives. By following a spiritual path would bring you peace and focus, not anxiety and frustration.

To begin,

Go somewhere quiet away from all the noises, it could be your bedroom.

Sit on your bed or the floor, wherever is more comfortable for you.

Put on some soothing music in the background such as nature sounds or classical music, if you’d like.

There are different ways you can clear your energy.

One way you can clear your energy is taking a shower and mentally think as the water is running over you, thereby clearing the energy.

Go to a creek with flowing water and release your energies that way.

Releasing your energy also into mother earth is a way to clear your energy.

The wind is a fantastic way to clear your energy you can stand they hold your arms up and just allow the wind to clear your thoughts.

These are just a few ideas on ways you can clear your energy.

Please use this and enjoy and share it with your friends .


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