How To Deeply Connect With Mother Earth



How Mother Earth Can Heal You

Having issues making up your mind on certain issues.

Feeling unbalanced?

Are you stressed at all?

This is a way to connect with Mother Nature.


Go outside and take your shoes off. When you walk around barefoot; you are opening yourself to the healing powers of MotherEarth. Try to do this as often as possible but don’t judge yourself for “not doing it enough.”

As you place your feet firmly on the earth, ask Mother Earth to take any negative thoughts from you.

. Allow these ideas to go through your body and release them down to the earth

Imagine roots growing from your feet into the earth and let your negative thoughts flow into her

She will turn this negative energy into positive energy.

When you feel like you have released all the negative thoughts, ask Mother Earth to please fill you with pure love, light, and happiness

Imagine positive energies coming from the earth, going through your body, filling your legs, arms, chest, neck, and head.

Imagine your whole body filled with this positive light energy from Mother Earth. When you feel full of white light,

Thank Mother Earth and enjoy your day.

Remember that everything is simple. As human beings, we try to make more out of things.

We tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. Life was made to be


Allow it to flow and enjoy the beauty and magic of every moment.

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be


Steps for Mother Earth Ritual

  • Go outside and take your shoes
  • Walk around barefoot feeling the earth beneath you
  • Place your feet firmly on the earth and take a few grounding breath.
  • Allow negative thoughts to be released to the earth while Mother Earth takes them away –

Feel the energy being absorbed by the earth

  • Through your feet, allow mother earth to take them away
  • Allow Mother Earth to fill your entire body with positive light energy in the form of white light

As you connect with spirit, your higher self, and the one consciousness, remember it is a process of just asking.

Message From Spirit

We are here ready to help. You just need to ask.

You don’t need special oils or take certain herbs. Nor do you need to stand in a specific direction and say a particular chant.

We are Spirit. There are no rules.

We are unconditional love

If you come from your heart and connect with us, we are there.

We are sometimes very funny. We enjoy when you connect with us. It brings us great joy.

As you connect with us more often, you will know our signs and see that we are here.

Then you will soon realize that we have always been here. Ask what you wish. Ask for signs.

When working with Spirit, you are in the flow of life. There is nothing more beautiful than that

This is not to say that there will be no lessons. We share many experiences with you.

Whenever you connect with us, we will guide you

But know that everybody is different. Look and see the unique way we connect with you.

Thank you, Spirit

Thank you for reading my blog. It is my pleasure to share. If you find this interesting, please share with your friends and family .


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