How To Connect With The Tree Spirits


Trees are amazing healers.

Scientific data is showing that trees can improve many health issues, including mental that trees. They can improve many health issues, including mental illness, depression, and headaches.

They have been known to absorb negative energy and stress, therefore helping you to realign you with positive vibrations and speed along healing of physical and emotional ailments.

They also absorb negative energy and stress. Therefore helping you to realign you with positive vibrations and speed along healing of physical and emotional ailments.

They are here for you.

Over my time spent in Peru with a Shipebo Shaman

I was learning plant and tree medicine, I discovered how to interact with, connect with the spirits of the trees. And learn from the trees. This is one technique to connect and respect the tree

Tree Ritual

The first thing to keep in mind when connecting with trees is that trees love gifts.

Their favorite is tobacco. If you don’t have any tobacco handy, use something that you intuitively feel would make them happy.

A gift is significant, as it is a sign of your honor, appreciation, and respect for the tree spirits.

Go any place where there are trees. It could be your backyard, a park, or a forest

Anywhere in nature will do. Look at the trees. Ask yourself which one you should connect with. One will stand out. When you have chosen a particular tree

Always ask for permission to enter the area of that tree. Then thank the tree for the opportunity to connect with it.

Next, place your gift by the tree. At this point, there are different ways to continue.

You can stand in front of the tree, hold your hands on the tree, or sit close with your back to it.  

When the time feels right, ask the tree for help in clearing all of your negative thought patterns and energies that you wish to release

You might hear a “yes, I will help you” or simply intuitively know that the tree responded affirmatively to your request.

Then, take your negative thoughts and say them out loud or to yourself. Get rid of all of them. Don’t be afraid. Don’t hold back. The trees can take your negative energies and transmute them all.

When you feel clear, thank the tree for all that it has done.

After completing this ritual, be aware of any changes afterward. Don’t be afraid to ask for some wishes after you have had a good connection with a tree.

Anything is possible.

Here is a Channeled message I got from the tree spirit

Come sit by me little child

Lay your head down on my trunk

Lean on me

I am here for you

As we all are in the forest

Breathe deep and release all

Feel your heartbeat

Mine is beating to

Let’s connect together

Beat as one

Speak to me through your heart

As I speak with yours

Learn kindness and compassion

Open your heart to all the wonders that can come in your life

Ife experience the joy of to be one with us

We are here for you

To love you with an open heart

And bring your connection to mother earth.

I am very honored to share this knowledge with you.

This is only the beginning. The more you connect with the trees they will share more information. Enjoy, have fun with it. As you work with the tree spirits, you might find you might change the ritual a little. It is all good. Go with your intuition.

If this has helped you. Please share with your friends and family to help them in their life.


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