What’s Your Secret Power?

What's Your Secret Power?


Susan here. Have you ever been told that you have a special power or even a secret power?

My friends always tell me that I am so connected to nature. Heck, they even nickname me earthy woman cause everywhere I go plants grow and flowers blossom.

While I call it “A Divine Gift”, my friends still call it my superpower 🙂

Therefore, I decided to create this quiz article to help you see if you have a super power of your own!

“Learn what hidder power lies within you”

And guys, be playful, this quiz was created to open ourselves up and to understand our personalities better.

So have fun and let’s play:


So I played the quiz and my gift was….

(((Drum Rolls)))





Nature Powers 

How fitting!

This is what my quiz results stated: “You are the insightful one, and you are always questioning and exploring things. You love to learn new things and have a little fun. You’re very kind to everything around you, and you’re curious.”

That’s me, TRULY Me!

My Super Power - Nature Power pexels 255441


So what’s your power?

Don’t be shy!

Share your superpower with me and the community in the comment section at the end of this article.

Stay inspired, and Make things happen!

Awaken… the spirit that is within you…

Ignite … the fire that inspires you..

Align… with your hearts desires.

Susan E Brown.

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