How To Live In The Flow




How To Live In The Flow

Let me paint a picture for you:  All your life, there have been huge expectations people have of you. When you are a baby, you are expected to talk, walk, go to school, clean your room, and many more. As you grow older, these expectations grow. Now, not only your family but your boss, friends, church member, gym buddies, and every single person in society expect so much from you.  You even begin to expect a lot from yourself for two reasons:

  • To fit in with the society
  • To avoid disappointing those that expects so much from you.

Now, you are so involved in becoming successful at what you do that the rest of the world seemed to have disappeared.

Truly, life can feel like a walk in the dark except when you learn how to live in the flow.

Does this mean abandoning your responsibilities and ambitions? Not a chance! Living in the flow means so much more. It is more like having faith that everything will work out perfectly well. Living in the flow is taking one step at a time. When you are living in the flow, you will move easily and smoothly from one thing to the next. When you are in this state, your body moves fluidly, efficiently, and effectively. You will generally feel happy because you are not letting the struggles of life choke you and feel like a burden to you.



What Does It Really Mean to Live In the Flow?

Living in the flow is when we learn to flow like water, continually adapting to the moment, and flowing through it. People who live in the flow are happy people. They love their lives. Honestly, I think it is impossible to tell you how the flow feels if you have not felt it. Once you have felt it though – once you have lived in the flow, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Remember the first time you fall in love? You felt weightless, happy, satisfied, it is like you are floating in the air. This is the type of feeling you get when you live your life in the flow. People who live in the flow are living in the present moment and unattached to life circumstances and how our prayers are to be answered.

Take my daughter and me for an example: on my off days, we would jump into the car without a direction or even a plan in the mind. We would continue driving, sharing stories and jokes as we drive along until we see something that interests one of us or until we come up with a plan. Once we see something that interests us, we would stop to check it out or enjoy it. This could be a museum, a thrift shop, or anything that interests us. It is always very interesting because we were in the flow and had no plans to be in the moment and have trust and enjoy the flow of the day.

Here is a secret you should learn today: Life is just about the journey and not always about getting there. If you are so much worried about getting there, you will miss out on the fun and happiness that lies in your way. Moreover, you don’t know exactly what awaits you when you finally get where you are going.


Steps To Master Living Your Life In the Flow

I know what you are thinking, you have been so burdened with life challenges that it feels living in the flow isn’t something you can do. But I tell you today, you can learn to live in the flow no matter what you are going through.

Here are what I want you to do for me today:

  • Let go of your worries
  • Forgive those that hurt you
  • Live in the present
  • Have faith in God
  • Avoid negative thoughts
  • Stop negative self-talk
  • Stop competing with your friends
  • Let go of your fear, anger and stop blaming others for your condition
  • Do one task at a time. Finish it before you start another one
  • Pretend that everything will work out just fine
  • Pray when things get tough

The key to being in the flow is how much we love, give, trust, have faith, meditate and allow ourselves to enjoy the life we have. Anger, fear, blame, sadness, and feeling like a victim generates negative energy while hoping,  having faith, caring, giving, expecting, and celebrating generate positive energy and allow you move through life being happy.  Determine to start living in the flow today and you will see how much better your life will become. You’ve probably heard the saying “happy go lucky”. Trust me, this works. When you live in the flow, you will see your life will become easier and everything will work out just the way you hoped.


Final Words

Living in the flow does not happen automatically. If every day feels like a struggle, then you are not living in the flow. You know that you are living in the flow when your life operates with more ease, you trust yourself more, you feel more balanced and centered, and also feel lighter and more vibrant. Try these tips mentioned above and let me know how it worked out for you. I hope to get your thoughts on the comment section.

I’m Susan Brown, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Healer, and Inspirational Channel.

With empathy and compassion, I assist individuals in opening their hearts to find their soul’s true purpose.  I use Shamanic rituals, spiritual guidance, and Earth Medicine to guide you through your journey of discovery and align your soul’s purpose with your earthly life.

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