Why do we seem to struggle so often to get what we think we want or desire, only to be disappointed once it shows up?

My experience suggests that most of us do not have a clear picture of what we truly want and what it will do for us once we get it.

We must know what we want, and we must have a passion to have what we want. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having this passion or the desire to have it.

There is no sense in chasing something you don’t want unless you’re trying to make yourself miserable and unhappy.

Most people do not know how to describe what they want because they don’t have a clue what it is.

You must ask yourself these questions; they are: What do I want? What must I do to have it? How would I feel when I have it? What skills, talents, abilities make you stand out?

For example, maybe you think you should be an expert at finances so that you’re always financially secure.But unless you love things like accounting, investing and so on; you’re not going to be happy following this path.

boho lifestyleFor years I have thought I always wanted to live in the forest.

Which I do now I live in a tiny house 200 sqft in the woods. Running water from the stream. It is unbelievable. Magical and everything you might think about living in the woods. Now I have that which I am grateful for. Which my family after me will use and enjoy. I am finding I need more. A balance of the forest and the outside world. I was moving toward this vision and not re-evaluating it at the time went on. So that why it is essential to do a daily weekly monthly check-in.

We are taught to follow our dreams, but not to re-evaluate as we are moving forward.

Because things change, we meet new people, and we also are opening more up to spirituality and waking up.

However, even when we have a dream, we can’t begin manifesting it until some important first steps are taken to prepare for success. To make a dream come true, we don’t have to initially know HOW we are going to do it.

The first step to creating any positive change in your life is to find out what you want.

The basic first steps include:

  1. Have a clear and specific vision of what you dream of.
  2. Paint a big picture of it in your head and know what direction to move toward.
  3. Specify and express your dream. In other words, it’s important to know what is wanted, not just what isn’t wanted.
  4. You need to learn to use your feelings of fear, uncertainty, failure, to fine tune the vision. Then call forth the feelings of excitement and joy to fuel motivation. We manifest goals by feeling good about what we want.
  5. Be optimistic.

So how do you know if what you want to do is your heart’s desire?


Take a moment to sit back and relax.

relax and take it easyThis is an important step – Take 3 deep Breath, close your eyes, and imagine the goal you wish to achieve. Picture it, feel it and live it as though it is real and it’s happening right now.

As you concentrate on these visual images of what you want, add a sense of peace and joy. Smile. Inhale the sensation of you having precisely what you want. Allow your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals.

Allow your senses to play with your dream. Take five minutes and fully live your dream precisely the way you want to be living it.

Now take a reading: Is your heart beating faster? Are you breathing heavier? Is there a grin plastered on your face? Do you feel excited and giddy?

If you don’t notice these changes, then odds are this is NOT what you want. Keep searching and thinking about what you would love to do, even if you didn’t get paid for it.

This should be something that gets you so excited; you want to jump out of your seat and pace the floor as you revel in the possibilities.

When you’ve found the thing that makes you feel this way, you’ve found your heart’s desire.

You can indeed live the life you want and deliberately chose the direction you wish to head toward!

Love and light,

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Awaken… your spirit that is within you
Ignite … the fire that inspires you
Align… with your hearts desires

Susan E Brown
Transformational Life Coach

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