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Daily Practices to Manifest a Better Reality

Daily Practices to Manifest a Better Reality

The key to manifesting our life lies in our feelings, words, thoughts, and actions. When we learn to align our thoughts and intentions with our...

5 Essential Reasons For A Gratitude Journal

  Keeping a gratitude journal can be a key part of living a happy and prosperous life. Gratitude can be thought of as being a mental...

How Forest Bathing Can Heal Your Body

  Connecting to the forest and mother earth is not something new; It has been in existence ever since 1800. It is now there more scientific...

Everyday Rituals That Shift Your Energy

  May the positive energy of the universe surround you, flow through you, bring you peace of mind, love in your heart and calm your...

How Can We Use Rituals In Are Everyday Life

What Are Rituals? A ritual is some action that is completed on a daily, weekly that is not missed. For the focus of this article,...

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