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Mother Natures Insider Secrets

  Nature provides us with all we need to thrive. We disconnect from her and instead spend most of our time indoors, glued to TVs and other...

How To Live In The Moment

Living In the Moment Carpe Diem! (Live in the moment) It is something that is easier said than done. Every day, I see people worried...

What Color Is Your Soul Mates Aura ?

What Color Is Your Soul Mates Aura? First of all what is an aura and why do we care. An aura or Human energy field is,...
Your personality color

Your Personality Can Only Be ONE Of These Four Colors. Which Is It?

Hey Awakened Souls, Today's quiz is quite a fun one! We all heard about the different types of personalities... Introvert vs. Extrovert. Idealist vs. Realist. "If you want to...

What Is Manifesting?

  You may have heard someone tell you to “manifest” your goals or your dreams, but what exactly does that mean? The idea of manifestation is...

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