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How Do I Release Whats Holding Me Back?

How do I release what’s holding me back? The energetic cords are what is holding you back. I am sure you are wondering what are energetic...

Simple Tools To Clear Your Own Energy

Clearing your energy Clearing out your energy field on a regular basis indeed makes a difference to your health, thoughts, and daily life. Negative energy, tangles...

How Can I Connect To My Spirit Guides?

  Spirit Guides are our helpers who have been sent here to assist us. They can be very helpful and can empower our lives greatly when...
What Color Should Your Eyes Really Be Quiz

What Color Should Your Eyes Really Be?

Hey Awakened Souls, Susan here again with another fun quiz. This one is all about your eye and the color that they should be. They say the...

Mother Natures Insider Secrets

  Nature provides us with all we need to thrive. We disconnect from her and instead spend most of our time indoors, glued to TVs and other...

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