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How To Live In The Moment

Living In the Moment Carpe Diem! (Live in the moment) It is something that is easier said than done. Every day, I see people worried...

Stone Rituals That Can Help Release Past Traumas

Stone Ritual Here I am going to share all about the power of stones. These are the everyday rock in your yard. They all have...
What Color Should Your Eyes Really Be Quiz

What Color Should Your Eyes Really Be?

Hey Awakened Souls, Susan here again with another fun quiz. This one is all about your eye and the color that they should be. They say the...

How To Bring In Positive Energy Into Your Life

Do you want the feeling of being positive and having more great things happen in your life? May the positive energy of the universe surround you May...

Find Out What Your Power Animal Is.

  So there are Power Animals, Totem Animals, and Animal Spirit Helpers. Today we will talk about power animals.     Power animals are our spirit guides...

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