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What Does It Mean “Coming From The Heart?

  When you speak .. Are you coming from the heart space? Wе аll talk about bеing hеаrt сеntеrеd and living lifе from thе heart. Whаt...
What's Your Secret Power?

What’s Your Secret Power?

Hey! Susan here. Have you ever been told that you have a special power or even a secret power? My friends always tell me that I...

Stone Rituals That Can Help Release Past Traumas

Stone Ritual Here I am going to share all about the power of stones. These are the everyday rock in your yard. They all have...

What Is Manifesting?

  You may have heard someone tell you to “manifest” your goals or your dreams, but what exactly does that mean? The idea of manifestation is...

How Can I Connect To My Spirit Guides?

  Spirit Guides are our helpers who have been sent here to assist us. They can be very helpful and can empower our lives greatly when...

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