Am I Intuitive?


Have you ever wondered if you are intuitive?

The most important thing to know is that everybody is intuitive.

Signs that you are already intuitive

• Do you know what another person is going to say?
• When the phone rings you know who it is
• Do you know how someone else feels and that something is going to happen before does
• Have you ever had dreams and then he came true?
• Do you know when your friend is upset?

These are only a few signs that you are intuitive already.

Here are some ways that you can increase your intuition

• You can meditate to open up your senses,
• Use crystal
• Do rituals
• Use oils
• Chant and many more…

Here is one of many exercises that can help you to become more intuitive

This exercise I do every morning.

It’s my way to connect to spirit and increase my intuition. Please enjoy it

I call this a Spirit walk

• During your spirit walk, you will connect with nature spirits, plants, trees, and animals and other elements of Mother Nature.

• Each time you walk you will see more, feel more and hear more.

• Pick a place that is quiet to walk, one of your favorite places outside or in a nice wooded area.

• On your first walk, go with no expectations.

• Walk outside, face the sun,

• Imagine its energy filling your body, mind, and soul.

• As you start your walk:

• • Keep a quiet mind.

• Let go of any worries or anxiety.

Buddha says a smile gives you a sense of ease and plants more peace and joy within you.

• Put a smile on your face.

• Open your eyes, ears, and all your senses.

• While on your walk, look at small details the leaves, trees, and the flowers.

• Feel the wind.

• Feel the air.

• Look up at the sky. Connect with it and let what you see fill your body.

• Notice the animals that are around you or walk in front of your path.

• Connect with them and send them peaceful energy.

• Take notice of the birds that you see or if the wind picks up.

• See how the leaves dance in the wind

• . These are all symbols from Mother Nature and Spirit. The more you
are aware of your surroundings, the more signs you will notice.

When you finish, you will thank Mother Earth for keeping your eyes open and
showing you the wonders of the world.

Here is a channelled message that I have received from Mother Nature

Message from Spirit
I come to you at this time because it is an important time to find your own connection to
the spirit realm. It is time to allow things to flow into place. Your spirit guides are ready
and willing to hold you in their arms and to help you. We will guide you and you will be
shown the way to be on the right path. It will be put right in front of you; guiding you
slowly along the way. All you need to do is be open to the wonders of this life. We are here and we see you. Enjoy, have fun, live, breath, and feel. Love it as it is now your time.

After your walk, take time to allow the experience to fully anchor into your body and
into your consciousness. It also helps to journal your experience.

Remember that there
Is no wrong way to connect with nature.

Some questions to ponder might be:
• How did I feel after?
• Did any thoughts come into my mind?
• Did I have any a-ha moments?
• Be aware of how peaceful you feel and contemplate what changes you might make in your in your day.

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