Accepting Spiritual Gifts From Your Gift Guides



It is essential to allow the Universe work for you when it comes to aligning everything the right way for you to experience greatness.

Even though significant things aren’t happening in your life just yet,

it is essential that you are feeling the excitement that it will happen very soon.

You need to look at everything you always desire or wish for and know for a certainty that it will happen in your lifetime.

There is no more negativity entering your mind as it did before and you are enjoying this new side of you.

This is for anybody who would like to be more connected to his or her guides

And would you like to receive gifts daily from the universe?

Maybe you have been on the path for a long time. This is fun, easy and will bring more joy and awareness to your life.

Who are they? Joy Guides

How often do you face difficult decisions, and wish you had a personal guide that you could ask for private advice? How often do you feel lost, or unsure of what to do?

We all have guides. They’re our friends and guardians, our teachers and companions. Some of us (I speak for myself), really put them to the test, but no matter what, they’ll always be there to love, support, gift us with good things and protect you.

They are guides that we work with and are there to bring gifts from the universe. There they’re waiting and ready to deliver our desires into physical form.

They asked you to start counting your blessings day after day taking care not to miss any or take them for granted

Your joy guides delight in sharing you with gifts and encourage you to expand your heart capacity to receive all that they have to offer.

How did they work with me?

I enjoy once in a while picking a tarot card to see what spirit has to tell me for the day. One day I was picking Tarot cards. And I got the Joy guide card.

So the next morning I started working with the gifts from the joy guides. I wrote down two of the gifts that I had received the day before.

Then I work with them again and each day after the gift kept him multiplying from going from two gifts to amazing full-page things that the Universe had brought into my physical experience.


I was amazed.

Another day I was working with the client,

I was telling her all about the gift guides and also how to connect with her guides. So I started telling her about how they work and what she should do each day to work with them. All of a sudden I felt something fall on my jacket.

I thought my necklace fell apart and I was ready just to take the piece of my necklace out from the bottom of my jacket. It wasn’t my necklace it was a penny.

It was the gift guide confirming that they are there and working with us. I held this penny in amazement; both my client and I looked down at this penny and thanked the gift guides for bring us a gift. (Pennys are always a sign of spirit).

They were showing how powerful they are. They can bring anything into your physical world.

So I’m sharing this with you to show you how fantastic the joy guides are to bring in amazing gift into your life.

If you decide to work with the gift guides enjoy the amazing things that they can bring to your life.

How to work with them

Accept that your guides will be there without the need for proof or contact. Talk to them anyway and thank them for their gifts.

Ask them to be near and to communicate with you.

Start each morning by asking them to surprise you with something beautiful during the day, then just before going to bed write down all the good and wonderful things that they have bestowed upon you, see how the list grows and longer each day.

Be open-minded and look out for signs that they are around – for example, meaningful coincidences, repeat symbols, unusual sounds and so on.

The only request is to acknowledge these offerings and give thanks to the Divine mother and father God for the countless generosities. For the spirit, you connect with.

The joy guides message

Open your heart and expect good things to come!


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Awaken… your spirit that is within you
Ignite … the fire that inspires you
Align… with your hearts desires

Susan E Brown
Transformational Life Coach

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It is my pleasure to share this story of when I started working with the gift guides. I would love you to share some of the gifts you have received.


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