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So there are Power Animals, Totem Animals, and Animal Spirit Helpers.

Today we will talk about power animals.

    Power animals are our spirit guides in animal form

They are guides who can help us navigate through life’s challenges and transitions.

There are animal spirits that reside with each of us adding to their power and protecting us from illness, sometimes acting similarly to a guardian angel.

Each power animal that you have increases your energy and power so that negative energy cannot enter your body.

We all have power animals that are connected to us just like we have spirit guides.

They come in different sizes, shapes and frequencies bringing something special to us when we connect.

Your power animal relates to your current challenges and will show you the way by taking you on a sacred journey.

Everyone is thought to have a few of these guardian power animals, from childhood on.

Over the course of your life, the person may have several.

If a power animal leaves and one does not come to take its place the individual is considered, by the shaman, to be disempowered and therefore vulnerable to illness, bad luck and negative energy.

Power animal retrieval is a healing where the shaman goes to find a new power animal for you.

Power animals do not have to be mammals alone; they can be reptiles, insects or sea creatures. Any living creature can serve as a power animal to us. (Plants and trees can also serve as plant spirit guides).

Your power animal may leave you at some point, even if you’ve paid attention to them over the years.

That usually means that the relationship has served its purpose, and another power animal either will be coming into your life. I’ve observed how these spirit guides will enter into our lives at a time when we most need their particular expression of spiritual power.


Do you know your power animal?

Everybody is born with a power animal. This is an animal that will be with you for your whole life. If your power animal has strengths that you need in life, then you a lot of strength now.

This power animal is one you can call into your life to help you in any situation.

So what is your power animal?

There are many ways you can find out your power animal.

You can ask yourself

Have you ever noticed that you are really connected to an animal?

Does an animal show up in your life?

Do you notice the strengths in certain animals?

Power animals most often appear to humans in dreams, by meditations, initiations, and visualizations. In shamanism, they could physically manifest briefly as if seeing a spirit.

You can also have a shaman do a power animal retrieval to find out what your power animal is.

You can do a journey yourself and find out your animal

Or for today you can…

Sit back and relax

Take 3 deep breaths

Say this payer

I am… (Your name)

I ask my guides today to show me my power animal.

I would like at this time to know my power animal and work with them

Please show me throughout the days which is my power animal

Thank you Thank you Thank you

This is only the beginning.

What I want you to do is be aware of the next couple of days and see what animal come into your sight. It could be pictures, statues, hear sounds of that animal. Somebody might mention that animal.

The way to know if it is your power animal you would need to come into your life at least 3 times

Be patient. Sometimes it takes time for spirit to bring these signs into your life

You can also write in your journal what animals that you see during the day.

Before falling asleep, you can ask to have your power animal shown in dreamtime (the consciousness grids).

Being in nature, or listening to music, especially drumming could enhance the experience.

Relax your mind … your body….

Prepare as you would for meditation.

Close your eyes.

Still your thoughts.

Allow your consciousness to bring into view that which you seek at this time your power animal.


Follow your power animal and see where it leads you.

Later …Write it all down. Draw it. Record it. Analyze it.

Have fun with it.

If you are interested in help finding your power animal.Please message me if you are interested and I can help you on your journey to find your power animal.


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